Texas report shows that 80% of the people who died from COVID in jail had not been convicted of a crime.

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Summary of Report

What goes on in abortion clinics behind closed doors?

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I felt a profound and unmistakable kinship with the foot and hand in…

Yes, it’s happening in the United States.

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She calls the children she aborts “babies” in an interview.

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A dose of reality.

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Acknowledging what preborn babies look like isn’t something they want to do.

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An abortion worker admits that staff at her clinic were “overly directive, paternalistic, and even callous.”

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She thought her abortion would be easy and empowering.

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She wants to warn other women about the emotional ramifications of abortion.

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Even before Roe vs. Wade, pregnant women in the military were threatened with discharge if they didn’t abort.

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Requiring Abortion: Before Roe

Sarah Terzo

Sarah Terzo is a member of the Board of the Consistent Life Network and the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. She writes for Live Action News.

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