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COVID and Corrections: A Profile of COVID Deaths in Custody in Texas” is a report released by the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

This report documents deaths by COVID in state-run prisons and jails in Texas. It breaks down the demographics of the…

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A Christian group has produced a program featuring interviews with individuals who have lived through the “hard cases” of abortion.

These are the so-called “exceptions” to pro-life laws, such as babies with a poor prenatal diagnosis — cases in which even many people who consider themselves to be pro-life support…

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Both pro-choice and pro-life people should be concerned with preventing coerced abortions. Pro-choicers because when women are pressured, it creates a mockery of “choice.” Pro-Lifers because no woman should be forced by others to abort her baby.

A book of stories of post-abortive women told the following story.

Layla was…

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In December 2004, Boston magazine published an article from an anonymous abortion provider.

The doctor, whose name, location and gender were not identified, described how she (for the sake of simplicity I will use the pronoun “she”) had originally not wanted to provide abortions:

When I started medical school in…

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As you have seen in some of my other articles, babies are sometimes born alive during botched abortions and many people who’ve observed these cases have come forward. Those we know about are likely only the tip of the iceberg.

From a clinic worker who was interviewed by pro-choice author…

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A Gyn Diagnostics Center, an abortion clinic in Hialeah, Florida, has sweet, nurturing and professional-looking website. The site features pretty flowers and tells prospective patients that:

The professionals at A Gyn Diagnostics Center are experienced in the areas of women’s health, abortion services, and family planning issues. We are sensitive…

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In this article, I will present yet another case of a baby born alive during an abortion procedure. In this case, the mother tried to save her child, pleading with abortion workers to help her. The pleas fell on deaf ears.

Here is her story.

In April of 2005, a…

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Often when a baby is born alive during an abortion procedure, the child is kept in the abortion facility until he or she dies. In rare cases, the abortionist himself takes action to kill the baby.

Sometimes the baby is transferred to a hospital, where he can be given medical…

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Some time ago, I was sent a testimony from a pre-medical student who preferred not to leave a name. He had just witnessed an abortion as part of his training. Deeply troubled, he wanted to tell someone.

He was haunted by what he had seen. The student starts out by…

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The belief that once a baby is marked for abortion, she should die even if born alive is shocking to many people.

But how common is the phenomenon of babies born alive during attempted abortions? The truth is, we don’t know. …

Sarah Terzo

Sarah Terzo is a member of the Board of the Consistent Life Network and the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. She writes for Live Action News.

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